Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am A Bending Tree, I am Woman

We as women are very adaptable. Much in life as you know can change. The choices we make in the change are what makes us or breaks us. I think of myself as a willow tree. Pliable, wispy, bending, changing with the seasons. I've always been a "thinker." Yes, maybe even a over-thinker. I over think my life and what it means. The choices I've made and where they have led me. I believe when you hit your 50's you want to put all of the BS aside and finally be your authentic self. You know, the one in your head who is really you. The one that doesn't be or do what others think you should do. You are finally going to dip your toe in the water of I don't care what you think anymore and strip off the waxy skin of pleasing others. For me being authentic is to stop dying my hair, if I put back on the few pounds I lost and gain it back, maybe this is supposed to be my body type, I'm a creative type and I don't fit into an office eight hours a day and yes I'm going to finally speak my opinion and not worry about if I will be excepted or not.
I've always loved trees and pictures of trees. I believe they have a spirit and even in their black twiggy it's winter, I've lost my leaves, they are beautiful. They are a mirror of me. Sometimes I'm full of green leaved creativity, sometimes I'm cooler inside and my leaves are red, other times everything falls off and I'm exposed but I can always start again. Just like the tree that goes through the seasonal changes I can go through life changes and I WILL BE OK.
What kind of tree do you want to be? For me I choose to be a willow. Bendable, pliable, strong, whimsical, beautiful and strong. authentic self.
Who is your authentic self? Do you have the courage to be that special one that you know inside of yourself?
We can start a orchard of bendable beautiful trees my sister's all lined up and when the strong winds come we can support and shield one another. Come into my orchard and be free.