Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don't Faint!

Yes, don't faint! I'm finally posting on my blog again. My apologies for not being here in so long. Life's a journey as they say and mine has been on a long one. We are living in our motor home right now. We moved  to the campground to a permanent spot the end of July. It's been going well. We have been getting it ready for the winter, more propane, electric heaters, light bulbs in the storage areas, underpinning to keep the wind out, getting our winter clothes out and warm fuzzy socks.

Our goal is to be here until next year early fall and then take off for the wild blue yonder. There are many places I would like to go to. The Grand Canyon, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and who knows where else. Just be two Gypsy Wanderers for awhile.

All of my worldly goods are in three storage units. I have my Kindle here, my magazines, stuff I'm selling on Etsy, my journals, favorite tea mug, my cozy black sweater, my two cats and my sweetheart. When you are living in a 36' foot motor home it makes you realize how little you need to be happy. Yes I miss my vintage stuff that I love to decorate my home with but when I open those boxes in a year or more it will truly be like Christmas!

I'm still trying to keep my Etsy shop, Zenful Goods afloat. Things have been very slow for the past couple of months. Hopefully it was due to the hot summer months then everyone being busy with school starting. I believe it will pick up over the holidays. In order for me to have items in bins inside the motor home I had to downsize my shop and not have so much to sell. I took some of the items to my booth at the antique mall. The mall has been slow too but I just keep plugging away. It is something I love to do, it is my creative outlet.
I hope you find inspiration here and on my Facebook page Zenful Goods! I feel it is my mission to spread love, positivity and uplifting joy to all of you.
Peace and blessings my dear friends!