Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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I don't know about you but I love old tin canisters! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are rusty and dented and oh so funky shabby chic and some are not as old and come in better condition.  I used to have a set I dearly loved that had red lids and the most beautiful colorful flowers on the front. They looked oh so cute sitting on my kitchen counter. 

I have now resorted to just using plain glass ones with screw on lids that you can buy at the big box stores. That way I can see what is in each one.  I'm always on the look out for the vintage ones made of tin with lids. Canisters are so functional not just in the kitchen but can be used in any room. In the bedroom they could hold your bracelets or loose change, in the bathroom they could hold cotton balls and Q-tips, in the living room they could sit in a vignette on a table or dresser with other vintage items and could hold a myriad of things.  I even have some plastic ones from the home parties that were ever so popular especially in the 70's they are avocado green and the lids can be burped to let all of the air out. Check out what this shop did so cleverly with these plastic canisters ! 

                                            Check out this lovely shop:
                              Isn't this the most ingenious idea you have                               ever seen?

               Check out these lovely shabby chic beauties here:

                Check out these wonderful canisters all the way
                from FRANCE  you can find them here:

Canisters come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Whatever look you are going for you can have whether it's farmhouse style, shabby chic, french country or modern ! Using canisters is a way to brighten up any spot in your kitchen, living room, bedrooms or bathroom! Maybe it's time for a change in your kitchen and what better way to change it in a frugal way than with brightly colored 
canisters! VINTAGE of course!