Monday, July 11, 2011

Hotter Than Blue Blazes

Refrigerator Water Jug


So here we sit on our long awaited vacation and it's so hot we have to stay inside our motor home in the afternoon. What better thing to do then write a blog post. 
I've had writer's blah for the past few weeks knowing I needed to do some writing but couldn't seem to be satisfied with any subject I would think of.
Experiencing this heat wave is a topic I can write about!
We are in the hills of Missouri near Hannibal, way out in the middle of no where. Luckily our camp site is mostly shaded or we would be frying eggs on our rooftop!
The heat index is over 100 degrees with no relief in sight.
After waiting six long months to start the camping season and to be able to be out in the wilds like I love to be I'm not complaining.
Living in the midwest around the Chicago area you seem to experience many weather extremes.We had a cool rainy Spring and it felt like warm weather would never come. Now my friends it is here! Blazing hot and humid as a sauna bath!
I'm thinking about ways to stay cool. A tall cold drink, short shorts, halter top, fan, sunglasses, flip flops and gosh bless, I'm  thankful for air conditioning!!
Stay cool my friends!! 

Vintage Drinking Glasses

Retro Ice Crusher

1930's Sunglasses
How are you surviving the heat??


  1. It's bad when it's too hot to vacation. It's nasty here, too! I hope you're able to enjoy your vacation in spite of the heat. Thanks so much for featuring my groovy sunglasses! Love your blog!

  2. It sure is hotter than hot here in Louisiana! I guess it is the price we pay for no snow and very little winter (lol).

  3. Stay cool and enjoy this sweet time with your family and friends.

  4. I lived in Missouri for nearly a decade and even visited Hannibal a few times! Now I'm in Minnesota, and though here (surprising to many) the heat index is about 114 degrees, I try not to complain. For it won't be long until we get punched in the face with a mountain of snow. It's all about keepin' things in perspective. ;) Arnie Palmers up--Cheers!