Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Back in the late 1990's I owned my own home and garden shop called Perch and Pottery! I loved being my own boss, ordering things I liked, meeting new people and arranging my shop any way I wanted to. I incorporated vintage items in with the new which at the time made my shop unusual and unique. I have always loved garden stuff whether its a simple clay pot, a whimsical birdhouse, vintage watering cans or any other garden item that is unique.  I love it all!
I believe that's why I love my Etsy shop so much. I can make it any way I want and sell handmade, repurposed items and vintage items.  I have been making silver spoon garden markers for around a year now and I love the rustic sweet look of them. It all started when I found a whole box of old silverware in the basement that used to belong to my partners Father. These were pieces he had picked up at a flea market and that had sat in the box for years. So it was like opening a treasure chest to me. I once saw these garden markers on the internet in the Anthropologies store which has many unique items but sometimes they are quite expensive. I did some research and found out the tools I would need to make these markers and I was on my way. It takes some arm power to hammer out each spoon until it is flat and then hand stamp the letters without getting them totally crooked. Sometimes I just leave the letters crooked and think that it adds to the uniqueness and character of the garden marker. I like to embellish them with pretty ribbons or twine and use unique and pretty charms. The charms and ribbon give each spoon it's own theme and personality. 

I recently moved into a new place and I guess the neighbors will just have to learn to put up with my hammering for a couple of days in my quest to make more silver spoon garden markers to sell and share.  What are your favorite garden ornaments or markers like? What kinds of things do you love to grow? I love to grow herbs and cherry tomatoes! You wouldn't believe how many tiny tomatoes you can get from one plant! Gardening is like a healing balm and meditative quest to have your hands in the dirt and to feed and nuture something you have planted. 

Here are some more pictures of my fun garden markers. Please visit my shop and take a look and make any request for words you would like to have on them. I love to do custom orders! 

Order these fun garden markers here or email me for custom request.



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