Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have always loved vintage trays. The first ones I had were given to me by my great Aunt. They were trimmed in red and covered with a lovely picture of fruit. I would always line them up on my kitchen counter against the back splash. They added a vintage touch to my kitchen and added some beautiful vibrant colors.
Recently on a hunting and gathering spree I found a whole stack of lovely green (my favorite color), trays with beautiful roses on them. I decided to turn them into memo/message boards and took vintage earrings and repurposed them as magnets.  I just love these trays and their many uses. These memo/message board trays look lovely on your refrigerator or can be leaned on a counter. You can leave your grocery list, to do list or your favorite pictures of your kids or their lovely art work or that manly picture of your man! They are shabby chic and repurposed into something lovely and useful.
Find these lovely trays here:

I can make these trays with magnets on the back to put on your refrigerator or file cabinet or I can leave them off so you can lean them against your backsplash or any other place you like!

I have found other great trays that I have turned into message/memo boards. These are state souvenir trays! They have vibrant colors and would look delightful in your studio
as a inspiration board to display your new creative ideas on!

 Each one of these souvenir trays comes with three vintage repurposed earring magnets! Oh so lovely!
You can find them here in my Etsy shop!

Finding new uses for common items is so much fun and these trays are unique and would make a nice gift for yourself or as a birthday gift, bridal shower or a thank you gift!

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  1. What an absolutely fabulous idea! I have at least 5 or 6 of these beauties. I'm gettin on this baby. Now I just need the perfect magnets.