Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We are featuring an interview and GIVEAWAY of a lovely vintage rustic toolbox from Tony of mAntique Tony! He has a great shop on Etsy with many vintage items which include toolboxes, office, luggage, furniture and other miscellaneous items!

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  Giveaway Item!

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For The Love Of Vintage

Why do you like vintage items ?

I grew up with them. Both my mother and grandmother have been antique dealers and interior decorators for many years. Our house was full of antique and vintage items and there were always things mom brought home that my brothers and I admired. She's a researcher at heart and makes a point to explain the function of a piece in its historical context. Being the youngest of three boys, I often traveled with my mom to shows and sometimes, during the summer, I would just hang out at her shop. So from an early age I developed a sense of appreciation of all things antique and vintage. My girlfriend (of 11 years) has become a collector and now a dealer herself. Our home is full of neat old stuff.

Why did you choose Etsy ? 

Etsy has always intrigued me, long before vintage items were for sale on the site. I was impressed with the quality and creativity of handmade goods that were offered. Now the same goes for vintage, too. There are obviously many shopkeepers who take seriously the process of selecting and showcasing their vintage wares. Etsy is a great place to learn and connect!

What kind of  vintage items are you attracted to ?

Right now I tend to gravitate towards metal office supplies, luggage, old toolboxes, briefcases, stuff like that. Man stuff at the moment.

Where do you find most of my items?

Estate sales, yard sales and thrift stores. Lately I've been venturing into auctions and have picked up some really neat items for cheap.

Tell us something about yourself.
I have a collection of action figures that's probably in the hundreds by now. And I play with them.

 Thank you Tony for giving us a chance to get to know you better and thank you for the GIVEAWAY item! Please go visit Tony's shop mAntiqueTony and don't forget to enter the giveaway!


  1. thanks for the feature, Kelly, you're a doll.

    ~ Tony

  2. Great interview! We love ya Mr. Tony!

  3. Wonderful memories live on and on... Thank you Zenful for another heartfelt interview and Kudos to Tony for giving it.
    From JennieesSue, a grateful previous prize recipient & Zenful Vintage Fan!

  4. Thank You Kelly for the great blog... it's great to hear about others you interview..

  5. so nice to meet you! thanks kelly for sharing!

  6. great interview- i would love to see pictures of your house tony! i bet it's amazing. kelly, thank you for sharing another great interview/giveaway/blog post! :)

  7. Thanks Kelly! Great interview- I love that Tony plays with his action figures! =) Neat blog!