Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Antique Mall Jack Pot

I went camping this past weekend near the Mississippi River. The spot we had was nice and I had some view of the river in the back of us. My mind was quite full of how, what and where I was going to get stuff to set up my booth in a nearby Antique Mall. I could use what I had at home for display if need be. Maybe an old painted dresser, a few small tables, a card table with a tablecloth thrown over it. Ideas were rolling around in my head constantly trying to figure it out. The space I'm getting is fairly small only 50 square feet but you can guess that I'm going to fill it full to the brim. Now I know it has to be neat and in some order or people will look in and not know where to start. But it has to be full of lovely vintage stuff!

Lucky for me we found a Antique Mall about six miles from where we were camping. I hit the jackpot when I found a booth going out of business with everything marked down 50%.
The owner of the booth had two nice long book case like cabinets made of wood one painted white and about 8 feet long with three shelves and another cabinet painted pale green that's 5 feet long that sits nicely on top of the larger case. They were not marked for sale but we ask the ladies at the front desk if they could call the owner and ask if she would sell both of those pieces. Lucky for me we got both of them for $60.00! I think that was a great deal...one less thing to check off of my list. We also found a skinny country look Christmas tree, vintage Christmas ornaments, Hall pottery, Jewel T bowls, postcards, cream and sugar sets, bottles and a myriad of other items for 50% off or less. In another booth I found a chrome legged red table from the 1950s in very good condition and it was marked down to $35.00. The gods of vintage must of been shining down on me! I found a large standing wire basket to put linens in and a old green metal ironing board, a pale green etagere shelf, and a wall hanging shelf!
Our motor home was filled to the brim and we had to make three trips to the mall to pick everything else up. Tomorrow I'm going to go there to start setting up after I paint the back wall which is now white with a red stripe. I may paint it robins egg blue, or a funky green color, I'm not sure yet. Things are coming along and when I'm all set up I will post pictures here.

Have you ever done flea markets, or vintage shows, or a booth anyplace? Tell me what you used for display and some of your lucky finds. 

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  1. What a wonderful new adventure! I've done Flea Markets in the past, but no shows. I love that you're doing linens in a standing wire basket, to me that's perfect! I used a lot of muffin tins and baking pans for small things, old boxes and baskets for big things and an old ladder I had for linens. Hmm, lets see, right now I have an old window insert on my crafts table that I use to hold inspiration items, but S hooks could be added to that to hang things. Oh and I have a cool, gnarled branch that hangs in a corner of my studio that doesn't hold anything, but I've seen people use them to hang light weight objects, like crystals. But probably my very best design element that I ever came up with was when I strung grapevine along the ceiling of my sunroom in my old house, and added white lights to it. I hung all kinds of curiosities off of that, lol. =) Have fun with it Kelly! Oh and I really enjoyed your post on my blog! Thanks a mill!