Monday, January 10, 2011

Lovely Locket Lady

I'm drawn to the loveliness of lockets. It's like a dejavu moment and I feel like I've been propelled back in time with a high collar dress on and my corset and of course my lovely locket! Not! I would of hated the high collars and stuck in a cage feeling of wearing a corset and cinching up the waist until I couldn't breath.
Luckily I live in the 21st century and I'm free to wear what I want.
I just know I love lockets. They come in all sizes and shapes and many different themes and colors.
One of my favorite lockets I  found is from the Etsy shop Botanical Bird featured to your left. I just love this locket and in fact my honey got it for me for Christmas and I could wear it 24/7! I love the little verdigris bird, the petite whimsical flowers and the tiny verdigris flower. It is such a feminine and beautiful locket! Thank you Botanical Bird. You can find this shop here. Go check it out!
I recently ordered some lockets myself and hope to create something to sell in my own Etsy shop Zenful Goods very soon. Getting inspiration from a fellow creative mind is a good thing. It brings joy to our hearts and helps us spread the love and creation of others. In a world of chaos, creating takes us outside of ourselves and into the world of fun and whimsy and gives us the inside power to push on.

Another sweet shop on Etsy is Opera House. You can find it here: : 
Featured in this shop is a locket made into a bracelet. It is oh so lovely, unique and beautiful. In an antique brass tone chain, locket that opens and a gorgeous pearl and rhinestone charm. This shop also features many other wonderful and unique creations. Go check it out!                                                                               
Drawing inspiration from what is around us is a good thing. Whether it's from a fellow artisan, a picture, a drawing or something in nature. Whatever it may be, it only takes one spark to get our creative juices flowing. We all feed off of each other in this artistic community of all things vintage, upcycled vintage or vintage looking. It is all a good thing! Go CREATE my lovely artisans! It is food for the soul. Peace.           

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  1. Very lovely, the locket bracelet is wonderful. thank you for the feature.