Thursday, January 13, 2011


Do you have a workspace in your home? Are you using it? Several months ago when I decided to set out to sell on Etsy my first thought was a workspace. I had a spare room/office area in one bedroom so I decided to use that as my space. I went out and purchased a piece of counter top at the local big box fix it store that was already cut and finished.  I brought it home and mounted it to the wall and then purchased two dowel rods to use as legs for extra support. Whala a work table! Then I purchased two 24 drawer cabinets to hold my cache of vintage finds, jewelry, bits, pieces, new stuff and other needed items. These come in handy and help you to keep organized. Ha! See my messy work area?Having your own space to lay things out, contemplate, mess up, draw out, store and be creative is very important. 

I sell mostly vintage items in my Etsy shop and I need plenty of cabinets to keep my items in. So I have those and lots of cabinets with drawers to hold my wares too plus a bookcase to keep all of my creative idea books in.  See pictures below.

We are creative types on Etsy, so whether you have a vintage shop, sell jewelry or any other handmade item it's nice to have all of your STUFF in one place.
 Being organized does help but some like to keep things messy it just makes them feel better or there are others who like all of their ducks in a row.  I'm usually really messy while I'm churning out an item then I clean up later. Well, usually hmmm. 
Finding inspiration always helps so I surround myself with things I love. I have a  inspiration board with all of things that make me feel BLISSFUL. For me it may be a picture of a old prom dress, something painted green, cardinal birds, James Dean(iconic rebel), pictures of my kids when they were little, junk, junk and more junk pictures,glass bottles, pictures of a old farm house and many other bits of ephemera that inspires me. 


 Etsy has so many lovely shops. Here are some wonderful finds for your workspace/studio!
 Find this lovely retro green cabinet at THIS ETSY SHOP!

 Find this lovely memo board at THIS ETSY SHOP!

Find this lovely wood storage shelf at THIS ETSY SHOP!


  1. oh what fun. i love your photos and I love this idea!

  2. Fun stuff! thanks for including my shelf with all this inspiration and ideas and such!