Monday, January 17, 2011

Winged Fever

Birds for some reason call to me. I love all of the beautiful colors nature has given us in these winged creatures. The primary colors of yellow, red and blue that adorn birds of the Midwest. The cardinal with it's lovely red coat and black mask, chin and its red bill. The goldfinch with its yellow body, black cap and winged tail. The beautiful bluebird with its thick coat of azure blue.

I've always loved birds! They are free, they can fly and they are beautiful. I especially love cardinals. When I go on a vintage hunt I'm always looking for bird figurines or items with birds on them. On a recent thrift hunt I found a bird figurine that had a chip in it and the paint was coming off but I fell in love with it anyway. I brought it home, dusted it off, gave it a love touch up and now it looks better but still worn. We who love vintage love worn out, wrinkled, peeling, rusty, dusty, cracked, chipped and USED stuff!! It's OK if one wing is chipped or the paint is worn off. We the sisters/brothers of VINTAGE have kind hearts and we love what others throw away, give away, no longer like, grow tired of and have too much of.  We are caretakers of over indulgence, memories of things once loved, old and no longer pretty and thrown in the heap STUFF. We are nurses of mercy for all of these things. Today I celebrate the love of winged creatures in all of their beauty and the joy that they bring. Fly free and don't look back.

These are some lovely bird things from some lovely ETSY shops! Enjoy tweet tweet!

 A lovely bird hair barrette from this wonderful ETSY shop!

 Six vibrant colorful bird mugs from this great ETSY shop!

  These lovely magnets can be found at this sweet ETSY shop!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my bird magnets!! Lovely blog!

  2. Love all those birdies! Welcome to the land of thrift blogging!

  3. These birds are a sweet reminder of spring! Love them!