Friday, May 27, 2011

A Bicycle Love Tale "Cruisin' The Roadside"

Don't you just love it ?
Last fall my sweetheart did the nicest thing for me! I wanted a vintage bicycle to ride around the neighborhood on and luckily they found one on Craigs List and got it for me. For it's age, it was in decent condition with only some minor rust, needed new tires and a basket on the back!

 I have been in love with bicycle's since I was a little girl. My first two wheeler was a hand me down from my cousin Lynn. I was probably six or seven years old, when my dad mentioned to me that my Uncle was bringing over my cousins old bike for me! I was so excited! If memory serves me, I remember it being blue. My dad held on to the seat and took me around and around the yard to practice. Finally he let go and kismet, I could ride a bicycle! I would be on that bike from dawn until dusk everyday of the summer. When I got older I always had a bicycle and I would ride out on the country roads of my small hometown and explore the wildflowers along the roadside. It was my escape to beautiful country roads, trees, hills and fields! That feeling of freedom and peace has never left me and to this day I have a fond love for my bicycle! It makes me feel like a little girl again to ride my bicycle and it brings me great joy!

What are some fond memories you may have of riding your bicycle? Please share your stories with me of your retro bicycle love!

Wicker basket from Silver Leaf Emporium.



  Vintage photograph of a young girl 1931

        Vintage postcard sexy lady on bicycle                                     


  1. I love your article. I remember when I first learned to ride a bike. It was so much fun. At the time I didn't have one of my own; I had to ride my cousin's.
    I think that is what I love the most about vintage and antiques -- either it brings back found memories or you get to fantasize about the previous owner.

  2. Love the white bike Kelly!
    My sweetie did the same for me last summer with a white Schwinn cruiser from 1962. The only trouble is deciding whether to ride it or my Surly Crosscheck...ohh and then there's the mountain bike.

  3. Loved to ride my bike from dawn to dusk growing up...loved your article!