Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"For The Love Of Vintage" Series Interview With NorScott

We are interviewing Muriel of NorScott today. She has a very lovely shop on Etsy with many vintage treasures,home decor, handmade items, beautiful jewelry organizers, sewing patterns and supplies !

Find this lovely shop here:

For The Love Of Vintage

What does VINTAGE mean to you?

Vintage to me represents stability, durability and quality. Whoa! That’s a mouthful of “ities!”


Let’s start with stability. Vintage items make me feel all cozy and warm, safe, and loved. The kind of feeling you get when you remember Grandma’s house. This is the place we all like to be. And then there is the stability of owning a classic that has already stood the test of time. A personal favorite of mine is Anchor Hocking Fire King Jadite green dishes. You know, the ones “Martha” made famous. I started collecting them when I first got married because I just loved the look of them. Now I have trouble using them because my husband keeps reminding me what they are worth. So it is also possible for a vintage item to provide a stable investment opportunity.


Now lets talk a little bit about durability. Nothing wears better than sturdy 100% cotton or wool. I just love the feel and smell of fresh line-dried cotton sheets. If you have ever slept on them, you know the vintage ones have a different feel and texture. Ditto for cotton dish towels that are so nice and absorbent. Much like women in the past, I only use the beautifully embroidered ones for decoration. 100% vintage wool lends itself to many creative endeavors. There is altered clothing, rug making, old fashioned wool quilts, felting arts, and repurposed home d├ęcor. And let’s not forget gloriously durable bark cloth for throw pillows and other creative home decor projects.


And then there is the all important attribute of quality. While this attribute may be applied to all vintage items, I would like to discuss how it applies to furniture. I really like solid wood - no particle board for this girl! faux wood grain and particle board doesn’t stand a chance at the test of time. A solid wood dining room table can become a family heirloom. I think the old styles have so much more character. They are also very versatile at fitting in to smaller spaces and expanding as needed. Chest’s of drawers are also hardworking pieces of furniture - no longer used only in the bedroom. Furthermore, a well built piece of vintage furniture can still be purchased at a very reasonable price.

Vintage just seems right on so many levels. It is the best way I know to be both unique and eco-friendly. Why fill up our landfills when many old things can be used as is or made new again. The artist in me just loves to put a bright new spin on an old unwanted item to make it fresh and unique. As our population grows vintage items will only become more and more scarce.


  1. Whimzy Thyme says:
    I love it and I totally agree. I also think of antique shops first and foremost when I need to buy a piece of furniture. Any I love vintage porcelain dishes and silverware.

  2. Absolutely! You just can't beat the quality of materials and the craftsmanship of an antique piece of furniture. And I love your shop Muriel! Lot's of fantastic vintage items!!

  3. Great post and I couldn't agree with you more. Vintage items are better made, maybe because most of them are at least partially made by hand. There is also a certain amount of pride people took in there goods. I love vintage items and I think you hit the nail on the head here.

  4. Kelly -
    Thanks so much for the feature.