Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are featuring an interview and GIVEAWAY of a lovely "Fire King Milk Glass Condiment Tray" from Percival of PercivalAntiques51! He has a great shop on Etsy with many vintage treasures including primitives,collectibles, art,jewelry, housewares, home decor and furniture !

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For The Love Of Vintage

What does vintage mean to you ?

I guess mainly what drew me to vintage merchandise is the memories
of my childhood or someone I knew. Then I began to notice the difference
in quality of craftsmanship of old versus new .It seems today, things are made
not to last and pride in workmanship has all but gone.

Why did you choose Etsy ?

For years I sold on Ebay and did fairly well . In 2008 my business
on Ebay took a downward trend. Some auctions only had one bid . When
Ebay raised their rates, I closed my shop. When I resumed doing business
last fall I checked out some other sites and luckily found Etsy ! I believe
Etsy has a better handle on monitoring the businesses it allows on it's
site . It just has better quality and you don't have to wade through all the knock
offs as on some sites .

  What kind of  vintage items are you drawn to ?

Hmmm. Well I guess furniture is my favorite . I like simple clean lines
or primitive items . Handmade with pride and love of the craft .

Where do you find most of my items?

Ha ha , can't tell . Just kidding! I owned an Antiques shop for 10 years
and during this time developed a client base and still get calls from some
when looking to buy or sell. Also flea markets, yard sales , auctions ,
classifieds and just riding along looking . I talked to a guy not long ago
at a flea market that specializes in cast iron. He said he hits the junkyard
and buys pots, pans and sometimes big kettles at 15 cents a pound.
People scrapping instead of selling an item !!

Tell us something about yourself.

About me is the tough part (haha) !
I grew up in the country on a family run farm . My great grand daddy settled
in South Carolina in the early 1800's from England . As a child, I learned
a work ethic out of necessity . I also appreciated my property and value
of caring for what I had . After school, I started out my career as a restaurant manager
and did catering part time as a chef.. I began an antique and collectibles business in the 90's as part of my retirement plan.
I love nature and believe in using what we have already taken
from our earth, before we strip it of more resources. To me, vintage
and people who buy and sell vintage are doing a great service in
helping save our resources. Whether they intend to or not doesn't really
matter. Thank You Kelly for the honor of your interest in me and my shop.


  1. This is great! Thank You Kelly.


  2. A Pretty Givaway!... Good Luck

  3. This is great Kelly! It wasn't so long ago that I interviewed you. ♥ I shared on Facebook and now I'll tweet! xoxo


  4. Nice interview Kelly! Lovely giveaway Percival! It's fun to get to know other sellers!

  5. This was fun to read, Happy to meet you both.

  6. Loved the interview with Mr.Percival , loved the yummy lemonade recipe that I can't wait to serve at my party this weekend, love the magazine suggestions.Please visit my shop some time at-

  7. Mr. Percival aka "woodie" is a nice Man. we work together and he is a book of information concerning vintage, classic, deco. I'm a chef but because of woodie i feel i can if i want to become a collector.. thanks for the info.
    Geneva J.