Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dedicated To Mama!





I believe my Mother did her best to raise us in hard times. Life was tough being a single Mother with small children back in the 60's!  Living in a small town didn't help either.
Sometimes when life is hard and difficult in the end it makes you stronger. You don't realize it when you're going through it but after you grow up and get away you are thankful for the lessons you learned, the hardships you suffered and the endurance you built through it!
Mom did her best with the tools and knowledge she had. We lost her to cancer at the age of 49 and I miss her so. We might not of understood some of her choices but somehow love rang through. I'm a BETTER person for the way I grew up and I have chosen not to be a BITTER person.
So today I raise my glass to my Mother La Donna Jean and post some things here from these lovely shops that I think she would of loved.

Blue Hall China Pitcher

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Nat King Cole LOVE Album 

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Hills Vintage

Vintage Unsigned Spring Rhinestone and Glass Cabochons Floral Costume Brooch 1950's to 60's.

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60's Vintage Salad Bowl
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  1. Kelly this is fantastic, thankyou for featuring one of my items. I also love vintage everything I am so flattered. You have such a wonderful way with words and this blog is so well done ..I will look forward to reading more and more. from colleen at colleenscustomdesign

  2. Wow! You brought vivid images of your mama right into my day...(I miss you Aunt Jean). My childhood memories of her were full of awe. She was one of the most elegantly graceful women I ever knew, and it had nothing to do with what she was doing or wearing but how she did it or wore it. It seems most of my early memories of her featured a 'baby bump' (isn't that what they call it nowdays?) and as an only child I thought that was really remarkable, which it was! And she wore that elegantly as well, bringing to the world beautiful, perfect little children, who grew up and continue to enrich my life all these years later. She has my gratitude for all of these things, as she created my family as well...we often don't think how far reaching the things we do as individuals really are.
    But more than anything what I remember was her smile! She could light an entire room with that brilliant smile! I always felt 'gathered up' in her presence.
    And so, for all of the reasons that some folks make it onto a person's list of favorites, she made it to mine. Thank you Kelly, for bringing a tear, warm remembrances, a reminder of how connected we are to those that came before and those that remain. Love ya! Anna

  3. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

  4. This is a great collection. I love the Nat King Cole record.

  5. Wow Kelly! What a touching story and your heart felt words ring true. Kudo's to you for not letting bitterness destroy your heart.
    (Fabulous shops as well)